About Us

As a 3rd generation hog farmer, I’ve went back to basics, raising hogs free range rather than in large confinement buildings.  Heritage Breeds not only produce high quality pork but they are also well suited for being outdoors. 

We raise Purebred Berkshire hogs and Berkshire/Duroc crossbreeds.  Berkshire pork is well known for its superior quality and marbled, juicy meat.  Our hogs are naturally raised, given as much grass and clover as they want in the growing season, hay in the colder months along with supplemental grain, ground at the farm, with only natural additives

Only corn-soybean meal based diets with vitamin and mineral supplements are used.

Animal protein or animal protein by-products are never used. 

No therapeutic or sub therapeutic antibiotics or growth promotants are ever fed during any phase of production.

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