Butcher Hogs

*Half Hog regular cut pictured above*

Butcher Hogs

Offer your family and friends quality Berkshire pork that is antibiotic free and naturally raised.  Hogs processed locally at The Meathouse or at a butcher of your choice.

With a market weight of 270 lbs and average 63% yield, without the skin and head, the typical whole hog will produce a 170 lb carcass.  This will yield approximately 145-155 lbs of meat total (this may increase or decrease depending on your butchering choices). 

Weights on hogs will fluctuate.  We aim for live weights between 270-290 lbs.  At $3/lb "hanging weight" a whole hog, processing included, will average $510-550.  If you have a number in mind you're looking to spend let us know and we'll pick out the appropriate sized hog to suit your needs.

Example: a 270 lb live weight hog will average 63% hanging carcass weight of 170 lbs.  170 lb hanging weight x 3= $510

2018 prices:

Butcher hogs: $3/lb “hanging weight” by the half or whole, all processing and smoking fees included.  All meat vacuum sealed and custom cut.  All smoked meat hand rubbed and cured slowly.  Our cure has .8% nitrates, compare that to other "speed cures" with upwards of 11%!

Live hogs for butcher: $1.20/lb “live weight”

Hanging weight: weight of the hog sides without the head and skin.

Live weight: weight of the hog live at the farm.

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