For over 400 years, Berkshire hogs have been grown and brought to market.  These heirloom black pigs, originally from England, are still old fashioned pork, raised without antibiotics, with dark and juicy meat, and the flavor lets you add other ingredients without causing the taste of  pork to disappear.

The pork is lean yet micro-marbled for a moist product on the grill or in the oven. This is due to the fact that the animals are raised slowly, making the meat much more flavorful. It’s also full of healthy Omega-3. The texture of the pork is extra tender due to the short muscle fibers which has earned it a place in some of the most exclusive restaurants in New York and Europe.

They are black pigs, and often have white on their legs, faces, and the tips or their tails. The ears are fairly large and are erect or slightly leaned forward. They are sturdy pigs with short, straight legs and a straight underline belly.

All the reasoning aside, when it comes to eating, this is the pork you’ve been hearing about. Served at the top eateries and touted on Food Network as a comparison to Kobe beef. Berkshire pork is revered nationwide for its extraordinary marbling and rich taste.

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